De Telegraaf

A limited access to informations, keeping the online user interactions involved. The project exists through two different outcomes: a material and a digital newspaper. The printed newspaper follows De Telegraaf layout, but it doesn't deliver any information to the reader. All the printed content is digitally generated. The text is unreadable because a program shuffled the letters, and the images are stuck in a blurred «loading stage» as we can see on Instagram.

An Arduino chip is used in order to offer the digital version of De Telegraaf. The fake web-page would change to gradually load articles so people could look into the material newspaper displayed and try to get informations «online». It is the opposite of looking for informations online.

Finding the truth would only be possible in the area defined by the Arduino chip. If the connexion is lost, you would just have access to a permanent printed newspaper with only incomprehensible informations.

Guided by Jeroen Van Loon.




Currently in Arnhem, NL.

Phone number on request.

Available for all kind of projects.