Composite Profile

A magazine which is based on face synthesis in order to create a new «average» face. In our society ruled by images, self-portraits called «selfie», and automatism, this edition is my use of the Screenopé project. Every photography were initially digital selfies placed in a material dimension by silver printing them. This issue of «PORTRAIT TYPE» («COMPOSITE PROFILE») brings forward analogue photographers.

A specific use of analogue photography was the identification of individuals, we can now ask ourselves, does a typical analogue photographer exist?

The relationship between analogue and digital is put into practice. A call for project has been initiated, divided in two distincts parts. The first part was to collect and create a data base of portraits as selfies.

The next part wasn’t based on the physical aspect of photographers, but on their approach. A way to step back and see each photographer’s uniqueness.




Currently in Arnhem, NL.

Phone number on request.

Available for all kind of projects.